Read is a lifelong entrepreneur. Previous to his involvement in the marijuana industry, Read was one of three owners of a highly successful internet-based vitamin enterprise which was sold to investors in 2004 after seven years of rapid growth.

An eye for emerging markets led Read to become involved in nearly every aspect of the legal cannabis industry since 2008. He has owned a growing supplies shop, a caregiver operation, a soil company, and the state of Colorado’s second-approved legal dispensary and cultivation operation. With Canna Advisors, he has consulted in the pre-application process for over a dozen applications for licenses (and their successful acquisition) in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Nevada, Illinois, and Canada, enjoying a nearly 100-percent success rate in licenses awarded.

Read has recently partnered with business broker, John O’Connor, of The O’Connor Group, in Pittsburgh, to provide brokerage services to cannabusiness owners wishing to sell.

He is has written two books on the subject of cannabis cultivation, the first of which, Small Spaces, Big Yields, is an Amazon #1 Bestseller, plus a new book, Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered, which Danny Danko of High Times describes as “meticulously researched and enormously useful. . . a must-read for any grower striving to learn more than the basics and think outside the parameters of ‘conventional wisdom’ and horticulture folklore.”

Read has contributed to High Times and writes a monthly column in Sativa Magazine. Read provides expert witness services through ECS of Denver and also successfully directed the campaign to defeat the “ban-medical-marijuana” ballot initiative in Lyons, CO in 2012.

Areas of expertise include marijuana husbandry, diagnostics and treatment advice for marijuana-related pathogens, marijuana nutrition questions, soil mixing, grow room layout and operations, dispensary layout, business planning and marketing strategy. Read thoroughly understands the cannabis industry.

Read has two degrees in Philosophy, a BA from The Pennsylvania State University and an MA from Duquesne University. A Pittsburgh native, he resides in Colorado, the frontier of the legal cannabis industry.
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