Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

(As if there is a good kind?) In case you haven’t heard, Michelle Leonhart, the worst Director of the DEA in history, and all-around horrible human being is on her way out, forced to resign because her agents were caught enjoying “sex parties” in Columbia, paid for by the very drug cartels they were meant to be infiltrating. She gets to resign and walk away disgraced. How lucky she is. Imagine if anyone else was caught in a similar situation. Charges would be filed, trials conducted and sentences handed down. But this is the DEA: above the law and corrupt to the core. Obama should take the chance to eliminate the DEA altogether. This is a useless organization that has its roots in the Anslinger era of racist propaganda; it was a piece of shit from the start and you can’t take the stink off a turd. The DEA has done nothing but ruin lives and waste taxpayer money. If ever there was an agency that needed to go, it is the DEA.

A brief review of the reaction to Leonhart’s resignation tells us that this won’t happen. Nor does any serious consideration of Obama’s political demeanor permit us to believe he will act. Yes, the overwhelming majority of the public reactions to her resignation are critical of her tenure at the DEA, but they nearly all contain some version of the following: “She has consistently refused to acknowledge that marijuana is a soft drug unlike heroin and methamphetamine, which are Demon Drugs.” That’s not exactly hopeful. Such a ranking of drugs according to potential harm doesn’t strike me as issuing from a deep understanding of the problem, which is not that some drugs can harm some people, but that the issue is not one for law enforcement to address. Interdiction does not work. It can’t be any more obvious than the image of a DEA agent partaking in the pleasures of a Colombian prostitute paid for by his favorite drug dealer.


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