Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered is Now Available

“Author and High Times cultivation contributor Read Spear delves deep to separate the facts from the myths when it comes to growing pot. Meticulously researched and enormously useful, Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered will make you think differently about techniques and theories you thought you were sure about. This is a must-read for any grower striving to learn more than the basics and think outside the parameters of ‘conventional wisdom’ and horticultural folklore.” – Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor, High Times Magazine

After many months of preparation, I am pleased to announce that the electronic version of my new book, Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered, is now available on Amazon. The print edition is soon to follow and the ebook will soon be available through other booksellers such as Nook, iBooks, Scribd, Flipkart and Kobo, among others.

Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered is an expansion of my first book, Small Spaces, Big Yields, which has been a consistent Amazon #1 Bestseller in Gardening Reference since shortly after it was released. Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered includes the entire text of Small Spaces, Big Yields, so if you are considering buying just one, get Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered. SSBY is the middle section of MCR, or, rather, I re-wrote and expanded SSBY, then I added all of the content on plant physiology that I wished to include and which I feel competent growers should know as a first section, then added some more granular detail as a third section, and finally, added a number of appendices of useful information, an extensive glossary and works cited page, as a fourth section. I also commissioned a graphic artist to create some beautiful illustrations, expanding the number of images/illustrations to over 90. So, in my mind, it’s what SSBY should have been rather than what it has become. The ebook is offered at $9.99 and the print edition will be available at $19.95.

As I mentioned, I have also updated and revised SSBY and still have it up for sale because it is such a popular book. SSBY goes right for the nitty gritty of building out a grow room and getting plants under lights and skips all of the academic content. I have also decide to keep the price for SSBY under $5. It is very appealing to me to be able to offer a great just-the-facts book for under $5 because I really want people to grow their own pot–it’s so important politically and economically that people do so.

But I digress… here’s a look at the table of contents. Hope you enjoy the book!

Prologue and Dedication
Thanks and Acknowledgements
Introduction to the Second Edition: How to Use This Book

Cannabis Taxonomy
The Three Species of Psychoactive Marijuana
Let’s Relax: Pot Terminology
Anatomy of Flowers
Cannabis Inflorescences: Bract, Calyx, Stipule—What’s Going on Here?
Tissues of Plants
Roots and Plant Hydraulics
Auxin and the Tropisms
Cannabis Phyllotaxy
Light Response

The Grow Space
Equipment Lists for the Systems in this Book
Which Lamp?
CO₂ Sniffers
Soil Selection
Nutrient Selection
The Environmental Variables
Setting up the Grow Room
Hydroponics: Deep Water Culture Bucket System
Geoponics: Potting Your Plant in Soil
Introducing Duoponics
Other Techniques
Growing and Training
Sweeteners, Lore and Other Ideas
Plant Selection and Performance
Developing Protocols
Troubleshooting: What the Hell Just Happened?

Basics of Mendelian Genetics
Practical Hobby Breeding
Soil Structure and Chemistry
Compost Teas: What We Know
Effectiveness of CO₂
Measuring Light
Quick Start Guide to Vegetative Propagation (Cloning)
More Troubleshooting: Nutrient Detail (includes nutrient toxicity flow chart)
Getting Into (or Staying Out of) the Business

Appendix I – Further Reading
Appendix II – Glossary
Appendix III – Useful Information
Appendix IV – Plant Processes
Appendix V – Quiz and Answers: Test Your Understanding of Marijuana Husbandry
Appendix VI – Cited Works


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