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If you found this site because you recently bought my book: Thank you! I sincerely appreciate your purchase and I hope you have found the book to be helpful in your quest to grow the perfect marijuana plant. This site was launched a few months before the book. Traffic has recently increased as a result of the popularity of the book, which is encouraging, because it means I’ve addressed a pertinent topic to a receptive audience. As always, when starting a new website–especially sites with a high user-interaction component, it takes a while to get things going. Fortunately, site traffic is high (more than I expected), so I expect things to happen here fairly quickly. Please check back often, and above all: Pitch in your own ideas–that’s what makes it all work! I am also eager to bringing in new writers on a wide variety of topics. So, whether it’s about growing, a new product you like or dislike, business concerns or anything you are expert at, get in touch, there’s room for you! Thanks for stopping by!

PS. Email me your receipt from Amazon and I will send you the PDF version of the book–how it was originally intended to be presented. With respect to Amazon, it’s much nicer than the Kindle format!

About the ebook, Small Spaces, Big Yields:

A former Colorado Medical Marijuana Center owner and professional grower explains the techniques needed to hit big numbers in your indoor grow using tried and proven deep water culture and soil techniques. The author was the second approved grower under Colorado’s medical marijuana law and has grown literally thousands of plants using every imaginable technique and sorted what works from what doesn’t.

Small Spaces, Big Yields is a concise text aimed at hobbyists who already know the basics of growing marijuana, but aren’t getting the results they know they could be getting.

Today’s indoor grower is faced with too much information, much of it simply incorrect. This is often confusing and can lead to low yields or sick plants. Small Spaces, Big Yields cuts through the fluff and gets right to the practicalities of growing huge plants at home. You have the “Bible”, now learn what the pros are doing!

In Small Spaces, Big Yields you will learn:

  • How to set up your own high-efficiency grow room
  • How to build your own deep water culture system that can left alone for a week or more
  • How to identify the most common problems and correct them
  • How to pick the right strain
  • The 6 environmental variables and how to maintain them
  • The difference between organic and synthetic nutrients
  • Why and how soil changes over time
  • How to mix your own potting soil
  • How to choose the most efficient light
  • Training for SCROG style growing
  • Why sweeteners don’t work
  • How to save money by understanding basic plant physiology
  • The two most common causes of problems in the grow room and how to avoid them

…and much, much more!

If a concise just-the-facts tune-up to your growing technique is what you are seeking, you’ve found it!

Get your copy here!

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