No, Marijuana Does Not Cause Psychosis

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s because, frankly, topical pieces about marijuana are just boring at this point. Basically you have a cabal of idiots who promote ideas such as this one from the BBC:

‘Compared with those who had never tried cannabis, users of high potency skunk-like cannabis had a threefold increase in risk of psychosis,’ said Dr Marta Di Forti, lead author on the research.

“Skunk-like” cannabis? Marta doesn’t even know what the hell she is studying, so how can we trust her to tell us what she found out about it? Anyone with even a glancing knowledge of marijuana terminology can spot the bullshit here—her credibility was shot before she even started. This is something like saying Jack Daniels-like drinks have a threefold increase in risk of making you an angry drunk. Nobody believes it because we have all seen these kinds of nonsense results before and we all know the difference between correlation and causation. This sensationalist crap pays the mortgage for rent-a-scientists like Marta, I guess.

Then you have those of us who have long been convinced of the absurdity of prohibition. You see what I mean? You don’t need me to report on this stuff. You already know it’s just click bait for the beige-Camry-driving crowd:

“Hey Betty, they say that the potheads are going crazy on the skunk weed!”

“Kids these days–always with the raps and the hip hops–that’s what it is, George.”

Who needs a counterweight to this stuff anymore? We already won. Just like the subject of gay marriage is simply yesterday’s news, the only people still left talking about it are the losers and the policy wonks. I’d like to see the government try take down the existing apparatus at this point. Good luck with that.

Finally, there are the people in the mushy middle. They may be the worst. I don’t have much to say to those people. Pick a side and get on with it. How do these people even leave the house in the morning? These are the blinkered dimwits who get in front of you at the café and wait until they’re staring at the cashier before they decide what which recreational coffee they are going to order. Twelve of the rest of us already have our cup of black and are out the door. If you aren’t already in the tank on whether the government should be telling you what substances you should or should not be putting into your body, I can’t help you.

I’m shifting directions. I am going to ignore the philosophical issues (at least until something worthy comes along) and begin posting about business issues. That, at least, will be of some use to somebody!

Until next time…