On Mixed Messages and Bad Actors

The Colorado Supreme Court issued a decision Monday affirming the right of companies to fire employees who choose to use marijuana. Even if it’s on their own time. Even if it’s medically necessary. On one hand, residents of Colorado are told that marijuana use is legal, despite the Federal prohibition against its use. On the other, we are told that doing so may subject us to the legal discrimination of the Federal law, in our own state, despite the fact of (some) state protection.

The Supreme Court is supremely confused. One cannot help but notice that were it not for the Federal prohibition, the Justices would not have had to expose themselves as spineless and felt forced into incoherence. As for Dish Network, the defendant that fired plaintiff Brandon Coats (who is paralyzed from a car accident and using pot to relieve the pain), marijuana users and those who believe in personal liberty should take note and spend their money accordingly.

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