Parts of the Cannabis Floret

As you may be surprised to learn, there’s some confusion on the interwebs about the parts of the cannabis flower. To help in clearing things up and to correct some well-worn errors about what’s what, here are the parts of the cannabis female reproductive organ.

For starters, cannabis does not have true flowers, what it has are inflorescences.

Flower: A group of plant parts comprised of sepals and petals, and either carpel, stamen or both reproductive parts.

Inflorescence: A collection of reduced flowers (florets) on a stem. Cannabis has inflorescences of florets.

Bract: Situated below the flower (and therefore below the calyx). There is one bract on a female cannabis floret. It is very difficult to see.

Calyx: The collection of sepals on a flower or floret. In the case of female cannabis florets, there is one sepal, therefore the calyx is this sepal. It surrounds the fruit and is the structure from which the two styles emerge. It is also covered in trichomes.

Stipule: A leaflike appendage growing (usually in pairs) at the base of a leaf stalk (petiole). In cannabis, they are the lanceolate protrusions at the junction of the petiole and stem.

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