You may be shocked to learn it, but there’s no income to be made writing books and maintaining a blog. So how do I make a living? By getting people into the business, and… by getting them out of it when they are ready to sell. Getting out can be as hard as getting in, and it is critical that you have highly skilled people helping you when it’s time. You could be leaving lots of money on the table if you hire a hack.

I have teamed up with the broker who sold my first business in 2004, John O’Connor of The O’Connor Group in Pittsburgh. John has brokered the sale of over 50 businesses (this is a four-to-twelve-month process–this guy is talented!) You can read about the sales process and get many of your most pressing questions answered (are there buyers? what is my company worth?) by visiting our brokerage site here.

-Read Spear