Summer Heat

The heat has arrived in CO, but we still are having cool nights, that means it’s time to get the temperature problem under control before the unbroken heat hits. Plants don’t like things too hot and if you’re growing in water you really have to watch root temperature. Warm water in your hydro setup is just a disaster waiting to happen. Slow growth, lackluster performance, and pythium are all looming problems when the temperatures in the reservoir get too high. So what’s the solution? Obviously, if you can afford chillers for your water (around $300), you’ve got the problem solved. But if you can’t, you’re going to have to get creative. A couple things you can do to pull temperature down are:

1) Grow in soil through the summer. Soil is a poor heat sink, whereas water is pretty good as a heat sink (high heat capacity)–growing in soil through the summer is a great way to avoid the headaches of pythium;

2) Exhaust that hot air! You will be surprised how much this can help. It may be all you need. Try bringing in the makeup air from the basement or a crawl space where the air is cool;

3) Turn off the lights! If you are flowering, flower through the night, lights off during the day. If you are vegging, turn off the lights through the hottest part of the day, say noon-6 or 1-7pm. Got any other ideas? Send them in!

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