Texas Troopers Sexually Assault Three Women–Over Suspected Possession of Marijuana

I try to steer clear of over-loading the blog with political posts because, well, it would be too easy to do. But every now and then something happens that is so egregious, that even against the background of insanity that is the War On (some) Drugs, it cannot be ignored. This is one of those stories.

A total of three women–in two separate incidents–were stopped in Texas and searched for marijuana. Nothing new here. But these women were body-cavity searched–roadside and without cause. Now if that doesn’t get your blood boiling, let me personalize it for you a bit. Somebody loves these women–what if it was your wife/girlfriend/mother/daughter/friend? The worst these women did was possess or use marijuana, which is nobody’s business but theirs anyway–or at least it should not be in a sensible world. Now, imagine it’s you. Imagine you are on your way home from dinner one night and you are pulled over. The police officer asks for your license, registration and proof of insurance. You provide it to him. He asks you to step out of the car. You oblige. He asks if you are in possession of marijuana. You answer negatively. He doesn’t believe you so now you are going to be patted down. Not satisfied, this power-tripping asshole informs you that he’s going to call in a same-sex officer to inspect your body cavities. You never consented to any of this.

This is the very definition of sexual assault.

Very often, police are also the victims of the War On Drugs, made to enforce these Orwellian laws because the office they hold does not permit them to pick and choose which laws to enforce. In this case, though, it is clear that the police had abandoned not only their judgement of their legal limitations, but also any sense of ethical boundaries.

Here’s the videos of the searches, so you can see what government overreach looks like for yourself:

According to the Think Media blog, which posted a similar story about these incidents,

“The New York Daily News identifies one of the officers involved in these incidents as Trooper Jennie Bui, and reports that she was fired on June 29. Another officer, Trooper Kelley Helleson was also fired and charged with two counts of sexual assault. Two other officers are suspended.”

Good fucking riddance to those cops.

Now, allow me to recap: Three women, sovereign in their persons and their possessions under the Constitution of the United States of America were stopped because an agent of our government–assigned to the task of keeping the peace–felt that there was a chance that they may be doing something to themselves that our government finds unacceptable. (Bear in mind that from the vantage point of someone in another moving vehicle at night, the visible difference between a tobacco cigarette and a marijuana cigarette is non-existent, so there is no evidence yet that these women were endangering the safety of other citizens by the reckless operation of a motor vehicle, making the entire stop an overreach.) The agent of your government, whose services are paid for by your taxes, then proceeded to inspect the vaginas of these women in order to save them from themselves and to save you from their supposed crime of having a buzz. That is the War On Drugs.

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